JoshOnLeftBy 12:45 chattering and laughter begin to fill the Simplicity Outreach center in Allentown, PA, as a volunteer welcomes and registers the children arriving for the Sabbath afternoon Kidz Church program. More volunteers and Simplicity staff sit at tables ready to great their “tribe” and encourage them to color and memorize the week’s bible verse. After a healthy lunch, everyone joins together to sing and then goes station to station – playing games, making crafts, hearing stories, and learning about Jesus’ love.


Mariely_1One family heard about the Simplicity Kidz programs from their grandmother, Josette, who a Simplicity team member began studying with about a year ago.  Since attending the Simplicity programs, the children’s behavior has improved greatly.  We have also seen the fruits of them coming to the center by their increased interest in learning about God.  Their mother has noted that they talk more to others and their family about God.  The older children have all begun taking Bible study lessons, as has their mother, who also recently made a huge step by accepting Jesus as her Lord and Savior.

BekahAmandaPlease pray for this ministry as we continue to build deeper relationships and share Christ with the families and children in Allentown.


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