Created by God

Posted by on 22.02.2014 in Testimonies

Can you remember a time in your life when you did not realize that you were created by a God who loved you? Many of us cannot, for me it is the only thing I ever have known, it has never entered into my mind that I was here due to a random accident. Because of that, initially it was hard for me to accept that here in America that people would not have at least a basic idea of creation even if they weren’t Christian. I think many people would say oh it shouldn’t be surprising that generations are being raised up here in America that have no idea that God exists but when you see it and hear it from a little child the first time it changes your life. Suddenly you are face to face with the reality that millions of people are being raised with no knowledge of a God who loves them. Is it any wonder that suicide and depression are an epidemic in this country? If we are only here by chance then what does it matter if I stop my life short? Why should I have any hope for the future?


This morning in our children’s program we told the kids the story of creation. How God created the world, and the animals, and even them. Time and time again we get to witness these moments when the kids we serve “get it” when suddenly they realize that God is real. Never the less it is always spectacular when they occur. This morning a little girl raised her hand after the story and said “Wait, so I was created by God?”

My mind is struggling to really appreciate the impact that revelation must have on a young mind. I cannot comprehend suddenly realizing for the first time that I was created and loved. I can only imagine the feelings of self worth and comfort that must come with that understanding. God has called us to reveal in word and in action the reality of his love and existence. That is what Simplicity is all about.

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